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Started in 1934, Aeromexico is the national airline of Mexico, which is headquartered at the MAPFRE Tower, Mexico City. Flying with a fleet of 71 aircraft, the airline operates scheduled passenger flights to over 90 domestic and international destinations in North, South, and Central America, Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia. If you are looking for information on Aeromexico reservations or want to book cheap flights, then you have arrived at the right place. One of the founding members of the SkyTeam alliance, the airline is known for offering fantastic passenger services. 

Aeromexico Inflight Entertainment

When traveling in Aeromexico flights, you can take advantage of the free messaging service, which can be used to send texts and emojis. It works with some of the most popular apps, such as WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger. 

On the inflight entertainment system, you can watch from a great collection of free movies, TV series, and listen to music. Not only this, download the GoGo Entertainment app on your smartphone, and you will be able to enjoy live sports channels with the help of the inflight Wi-Fi. While flying high in the clouds, be sure to explore the airline’s bilingual onboard magazines- aire and Accent. 

Aeromexico Inflight Experience

Clase Premier Cabin is equipped with in-seat power, a personal on-demand entertainment system, fully flatbed reclining seats featuring adjustable headrests, electronic lumbar support, and height-adjustable footrests. Depending on your flight’s duration, you can enjoy snacks, full meal service, special meals as per your dietary and religious needs, and a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

When traveling on the AM or Economy Plus, you get cozier seats, which have more space than the Main Cabin. It is featured with a dedicated overhead bin, baby stroller service and storage, and much more. You can purchase these seats either on a kiosk, through the Call Center, during the check-in process, or by heading to manage my Aeromexico booking section. 

If you have enrolled for a Club Premier Loyalty program, you can earn Premier Points whenever you fly with Aeromexico. Later, you can use these points for any special rewards like hotel stays, Aeromexico flights, car rentals, and attractions. 

Aeromexico Reservations Check-In Options

  • Web Check-In

Visit the airline’s official website, and you can do the check-in for your flights within a few minutes. It opens 24 hours before your international flight’s scheduled departure time, while in case of domestic flights, it starts 48 hours and ends up to two hours before scheduled take-off time. 

  • Mobile Check-In

You can also perform the process using the Aeromexico mobile app and grab the digital boarding pass. 

  • At Airport

To save time at the airport, you can do the check-in for your Aeromexico reservations using the automatic kiosks. It is available in cities, such as Bogota, Cancun, Miami, Montreal, Mexico City, Tokyo, Las Vegas, and many more. 

Aeromexico Baggage Policy

Baggage Allowance

The number of bags you are allowed to carry with you in the flight and its restrictions depends on your route. You can visit the airline’s website and select the route of your travel to know the exact baggage allowance and fees. However, if you are traveling in the Main Cabin, you are allowed to take one carry-on and one personal object, each of which should not weigh more than 22lbs or 10 kg. The dimensions of each piece should measure up to 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches. 

Similarly, if you are traveling in the Clase Premier, you can carry two checked bags, and each item should not weigh more than 66lbs or 32 kg. The maximum linear length should not be more than 62 inches or 158 cm. 

Restricted and Checked Baggage Items

Items, such as wines and spirits, needles and syringes, and oxygen concentrators may be either permitted as a carry-on and/or checked baggage. Several objects like artwork, jewelry, electronic devices, liquids, and nail polish remover, etc. are not recommended as checked baggage. 

Articles like hoverboards, trophy animals, flammable materials, enamel paints, and wet cell batteries for motorized wheelchairs, are strictly prohibited in the flight. 

Human ashes, electronic cigarettes, musical instruments, and sporting equipment like scuba diving equipment, golf bags, snowboards, and fencing swords, come under the special baggage items and may be accepted but with certain restrictions. 

Excess Baggage Fees

If your baggage exceeds the permitted allowance, it will be subject to an additional fee. To calculate the fee, you are required to visit the airline’s website and select your route. The excess baggage charges vary as per your origin and destination airport.  

What are the Modes of Payment for Booking Aeromexico Flight Tickets?

While purchasing an Aeromexico air ticket, you can make payments through various methods:


After purchasing a reservation from the airline’s Call Center, you can make payment by visiting any of the famous retailers, such as Walmart, CVS, SafetyPay, and Walgreens. 

Debit/Credit Cards

You can also use American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit and debit cards to make payments for your flight reservations. 


You can pay for your Aeromexico flight tickets using PayPal account or PayPal credit or debit cards (Visa and Mastercard). 

MCO Cards

You can make payments through any digital cards, such as Grey Card, or Club Premier Corporate (Blue Card).

Aeromexico Reservations Customer Service Number

If you have any queries or need any travel-related assistance, you can contact the US and Canada General number 1-800-237-6639.

For any help before or during your trip, feel free to call on +52 (55) 5133 4000 number. Some of the other contact numbers are given as per your country and region.

What are the features of the Aeromexico Reservations Mobile App?

To make your travel journey more convenient, the airline gives you several options to manage your Aeromexico reservations, and a lot more from the palm of your hand through its mobile app. It is available on both Google Play as well as the Apple App Store. Using the app, you can:

  • Purchase a flight ticket. 
  • Perform Check-In. 
  • Upgrade to Clase Premier. 
  • Customize your flight journey. 
  • Create your Club Premier account, and
  • Receive regular flight notifications. 

What are the different fare types on Aeromexico Airlines reservations?

Depending on your travel needs and budget, the airline offers several fare type options- Basic, Classic, Flexible, AM Plus, Comfort, and Premier. 

Basic: This is the ideal fare type for you if you are planning on traveling with light luggage. However, you will get a premium experience along with at a price reasonable to your pocket. 

Classic: When planning for your trip, you may choose to book Aeromexico reservations under this fare. The airline offers you upgrade options, one checked bag, and you get to enjoy delicious in-flight food and beverages. You can select a standard or preferred seat, and upgrade to AM Plus or Clase Premier as per your needs. 

Flexible: Flexible fares are ideal for those kinds of travelers who are looking for the flexibility of changing their flight time, date, and even destination without having to pay anything extra. The airline gives you the option to upgrade your flight too. 

AM Plus: Choose this fare option when you want to travel comfortably with more legroom, and lots of other benefits with SkyPriority service, such as priority at ticketing, boarding, baggage check-in, etc. 

Comfort: Get and experience the exceptional comfort of Clase Premier and top-notch in-flight facilities, and everything on priority. Enjoy more space, exclusive menu, including drinks, etc. with this option. 

Premier: If you want to get the ultimate flight experience, including preferential treatment, more space of the flat-bed seats, flexibility, and more, be confident to choose the Premier fare type. 

What is Aeromexico’s Unaccompanied Minor policy?

The airline provides an unaccompanied minor service for those little ones who are traveling alone without their companion. Aeromexico makes sure that your child stays comfortable before, during, and even after his/her flight journey. When booking Aeromexico reservations for your minor, you will get special ticketing assistance. Apart from this, the airline allows you to company him/her to the boarding gate so that you can properly say goodbye. For requesting this service, you can call on the Aeromexico customer care number. 

Please note that this service is mandatory for children between the age of 5 to 14 years and who are traveling without their guardian or an adult. It is recommended to arrive at the airport at least three hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time so that you can complete the documentation process smoothly. If the child is flying within Mexico, you will have to pay $600 MXN, including the taxes, and when traveling to international destinations, $150 will be applicable. 

What is Salones Premier, and what are its benefits?

Simply put, Salones Premier is a world-class lounge of Aeromexico where you can wait till your next flight arrives at the airport. There are several ways to avail the facility of this lounge, such as by purchasing one day pass, priority pass, Aeromexico American Express card, Salon Premier Coupons, etc. 

While waiting for your boarding, you get to enjoy an a la carte menu, coffee, snacks, and complete bar service. Also, you can continue your work in the special center or get extra services based on your lounge location. 

How to avail of Special Assistance services on Aeromexico flights reservations?

At times, you may require any special assistance before, during, or after your flight journey. Whether you or the passenger you are traveling with need wheelchair service, need stretchers, or oxygen supply service, the airline arranges all these facilities if you notify them well in advance. You can contact the airline during your booking Aeromexico flights reservations, at the time of check-in process, or by calling the customer helpline number. 

International Contact Number of Aeromexico Reservations

Countries Contact Number
Aeromexico Reservations Argentina 0800 888 2276
Aeromexico Telefono 555133 4000
Aeromexico Reservations Belice Number 00 1800 0162143
Aeromexico Reservations  Chile Number 800 392 674
Aeromexico Reservations China Number 86 21 6466 8099
Aeromexico Booking Brazil Phone Number 0800 891 7512
Aeromexico Costa Rica Reservations Number 0 800 052 1447
Aeromexico South Korea Booking Number 82 2 754 6336
Aeromexico Ecuador Reservations Number 1 800 000 227
Aeromexico The Savior Reservations Number 800 61 05
Aeromexico Reservations telefono Spain 900 995 282
Aeromexico United States and Canada Reservations Number 1 800 237 6639
Aeromexico Colombia Reservations Number 01 800 952 0533
Aeromexico Guatemala Booking Number 1 800 835 0269
Aeromexico Holland Reservations Number 0800 0224008
Aeromexico Reservations Honduras Number 800 2791 9025
Aeromexico Ireland Phone Number 1 800 855 474
Aeromexico Japan Reservations Number 0 570 783 057
Aeromexico Nicaragua Contact Number 001 800 2260294
Aeromexico Reservations Panama 800 052 1373
Aeromexico Peru Reservations Number 0 800 767 50
Aeromexico Rep. Dominican Reservations  1 888 7600 141
Aeromexico United Kingdom Reservations Number 0 800 9775 533
Aeromexico France Reservations Number 0 800 916 754
Aeromexico Corporate United States and Canada Complaints Number 1800426-9000


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