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Cheap Flights to Bilbao: A City of Museum

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Brief Facts About the Bilbao

The Guggenheim Museum is the very first thing you speak about, if you mention Bilbao, because of the architecture that holds the city’s eye. Life in the city is secure and easy, meaning that everyone may enter society at least once. The ancient port town of Bilbao is surrounded by green mountains in northern Spain. It is the de facto capital of the Basque Country, with its skyscraper-filled city center. The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is renowned for the Frank Gehry house, which was finished in 1997. The museum includes interesting historical and contemporary artifacts, but the concentrate is on an elegant, titanium-clad structure.

Which months are best to discover the magic of Bilbao?

The strongest months to reach Bilbao are in April, June, and September thanks to the good weather conditions. August’s just as sweet. It’s high season, and if you don’t like busy areas, you don’t need to hit it. Bilbao is on the north shore, colder and more weather than the south coast, and if you decide to explore the local region during the winter, you’re likely to be inundated.

Top Five Destinations to Visit in Bilbao

Casco Viejo

Five bridges bind the Old Town to the New Town. The Casco Viejo street center: Somera, Artecalle, Tendería, Belosticalle, Carnicería Vieja, Barrencalle or Barrencalle Barena are the centers of the streets of Casco Viejo. The Arriaga Theater is a magnificent neo- theater influenced by Paris Palais Garnier Opera and can be found in Plaza de Arriaga. Constructed in 1890, and subsequently restored, the Arriaga Theatre forms the national cultural center for concerts, theaters, and opera. Exquisite carving and altar of Juan de Mena.

Plaza Nueva

Plaza Nueva was also called Plaza Barria and was built in the middle of the 19th century on the square of the neoclassical settlement. The area is surrounded by beautiful houses, arcades with shops and restaurants, ideal for pinxtos. Pinxto is a special Basque version of the tapas that are eaten on a toothpick or a skewer for every slice or snack. Plaza Nueva, also a popular refuge for visitors and residents, is the venue for city festivals and farmers ‘markets. The Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts presents a painting reflecting an extraordinary occurrence.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum of Bilbao discusses the close connection between the Basque Country and the sea and exhibits onboard shipyards and local fishermen. Visitors will see vessels designed in Bilbao’s shipyards and numerous model vessels, and a range of exhibitions and family activities will also be on view in the museum.

Euskal Museoa Bilbao

Tourists will discover the interesting history and context of the Basque nation at the Euskal Museoa Bilbao, sometimes named the Vasco Museum in Spain. The museum has 3 different parts which document the Basque way of life: archaeology. The ethnography and culture are housed in a glorious Baroque house in the middle of the Casco Viejo (Viejo Village). The Archeological section shows ancient artifacts, such as stones and statues, from sites in the Basque Region. The mysterious deity of Mikeldi is one of the most important objects in this show.

Doña Casilda Park

The Doña Casilda Street, which is flanked by Guggenheim, the Museo de Fine Art, the Maritime Museum and the Euskalduna Palazzo, is located just above the central regions of Abando and Indautxu, in the strongest and most prominent place in Bilbao. The Doña Casilda Park is a beautiful place with large open fields, tree-lined boulevards, wetlands, and fountains.

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