Cheap Flights to Sao Paulo

Cheap Flights to Sao Paulo: City of Pleasure

Sao Paulo is the seventh-largest city in the world and the best place to visit, not just for holidays, but also for official tours. The country’s 7th most successful region. Global meetings can be held here, as the metropolitan region of the world is in place and the atmosphere is completely safe. Unlike other beaches, book cheap flights to Sao Paulo to experience the beauty of the nation on your own if you only want to explore places.

Recommended Month to Visit Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a holiday destination during the year, although it is recommended to spend more time with coworkers from September to Marseille, thanks to decreased traffic, fair hotel costs, and good conditions. June and July is the best period to fly to the middle of Brazil. For more savings on your ticket choose round trip flights to Sao Paulo and enjoy the beauty in your budget.

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Top Three Destinations to Explore in Sao Paulo

São Paulo Museum of Art

Inaugurated in 1968, the art museum of São Paulo, locally known as the MASP, has the most important, large, western art collection in Latin America. Picasso, Miró and 73 bronze statues by Degas alone are to be found in works by Impressionists and modern Masters- Renoir, Van Gogh, Matisse, Manet, Debret. This is the first art museum in the world, dating from the Renaissance era, to focus both on the periods of the mid-20th century and beyond and on contemporary artists in Brazil, including Portinari and Di Cavalcanti. 

Catedral da Sé

The first edition was created when Tibiriça the indigenous chief agreed to construct the site where the town’s first temple was to be constructed in 1591. The Cathedral was an iron and stroke Taipa with logs in place. The construction of the modern cathedral started in 1913, but only in 1954, without its two main frameworks. The spirit of the Capricorn is moving around and the Old King, Tibiricá, and guided tours are given in the cathedral and under the sanctuary one of Germany’s five biggest neo-Gothic temples.

Parque do Ibirapuera

Ibirapuera Park has been designed by the houses of Oscar Niemeyer and landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. São Paulo is an attraction for the citizens of Sao Paulo and has a taste of urban architecture and tradition, thanks to its big, green setting with its monuments and beaches and playgrounds, forests, roads, lakes. The Monument is an impressive series of works of art by the Brazilian noble and heroic hero Victor Brecheret, commemorating the explorer in São Paulo, who opened Brazil’s interior. An obelisk commemorates in the Democratic Republic those who perished in 1932.

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